[R56E01] A Brief History of Ruang MES 56

Ruang MES 56 is an artist collective artspace established in Yogyakarta in 2002 by a group of artists and photographers who had been working together since the mid 90s. This episode of Radio 56 explores the formation of Ruang MES 56 and some of the members involved in the project. It also investigates the importance of collectivism, the contemporary and historical visual art scene in Yogyakarta as well as the difficulties that can arise when running an autonomous space. Radio 56 is a podcast series by Ruang MES 56 resonates the activities, atmospheres and music mixes from the events organized by Ruang MES 56 and its wider communities and networks. Initiated by Raymond Grenfell, an internship student from Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

Co-produced with Curtin University
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Raymond Grenfell
Music by The Trengginas, Sunmantra and Prodjek Babi 69
Photo: Gatari Surya Kusuma