Misafafahiyan Metamorphosis, presentation by Posak Joidan.

We invite you to an ongoing art project presentation by Posak Joidan.

Posak will share the background, field research and the ongoing project of the work “Misafafahiyan Metamorphosis”.

The project focuses on Hao Hao, a 70-years-old Amis trans performer living in Fata’an, an Amis tribe of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. The work includes a 16-minutes video and three photo printing puzzles. In the popular style of karaoke backing tracks, the music and sounds of Hao Hao’s daily life are interwoven through directing, dialogue, dress up, and self-mockery.

Posak Jodian, an Amis who lives in Taipei. Posak is the given name and Jodian is the father’s name. Posak has a background in ethnolinguistics and Communication studies. She mainly uses video as a method and her own ethnic identity as a starting point, to observe the traditional field formulation of tribes and the urban life of the indigenous who left their hometown through long-term field research. Meanwhile, she participates in the scenes of various mass movements, and the various actions of young people in between the gaps of cities. Trying to use the ethnic and cultural actions as a fulcrum to open the boundaries between identity and recognition. She is also a member of OCAC, Halfway Cafe and Taiwan Haibizi Tent Theatre.