The Golden Memories: Musics, Stories & Portraits of Indonesian Resident in Melbourne

17 – 24 March 2012

Open Archive
97 Nicholson Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne, Australia

3pm – 9pm Saturday, 17 March 2012
Music and BBQ
Exhibition hours: 1pm-6pm daily

The Golden Memories, was created during Wok The Rock’s residency in Melbourne, Australia (January-March 2012). This art residency program is being supported by the Australia-Indonesia Institute and hosted The South Project Inc.

Wok is working with the Indonesian diaspora in Australia, from various backgrounds and ages, collecting their stories about songs and albums that remind them of their homeland and evoke memories, be they sweet or bittersweet. Through listening sessions, interviews and recollected memories of the homeland, this project attempts to collect and trace experience, events and personal feelings relating to culture, politics, religion, and the romanticisation of the past. The Golden Memories reflects Wok’s long-term investigation into the connection between people’s musical experiences and shifts in contemporary culture resulting from rapid developments in media and technology.

The Golden Memories is presented in several installations. The incorporation of CD-R, YouTube videos linked by QR Codes, MP3, video, photography and sound in various formats relates directly to Wok’s findings during the research period. The exhibition is also accompanied by live performances and related objects.

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