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  • poster-mintio

    The Wax on Our Fingers/Malam Di Jari Kita

    Sebuah proyek seni rupa berbasis hubungan sosial yang merayakan kehidupan dan tangan-tangan terampil dibalik eksistensi Batik. Mintio & Kabul menggabungkan realisme fotografi dengan sifat dekoratif dan simbolis motif Batik. Continue reading

  • beautycontest

    Beauty Contest

    Ruang MES 56’s photography project for Creative Exchange program with Insomnium, Malang. What is such a thing which mostly could describe the human anxiety toward death and imperfectness? Of course the Beauty Contest. In this kind of contest, people would… Continue reading

  • No One Knows What Its Like To Be Me

    If “manners make the man” as someone said Then he’s the hero of the day It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile Be yourself no matter what they say I’m an alien I’m a legal alien I’m an… Continue reading

  • POSTER Terrorizer


    In this project, we invited 10 participants who stayed and studied in Jogja with different background. “Pictures are our mind” Everyday, our head is full of tens, hundreds, and even thousands of photos or pictures. Technically, a photo is just a… Continue reading

  • Poster-holiday

    Holiday Project

    Photography Project BERKUNJUNG KE JAKARTA (VISITING JAKARTA) July 2004 Galeri Lontar – Jakarta PLESIRAN KE JOGJA (HOLIDAY IN JOGJA) September 2004, Passage De Retz – Paris October 2004, Centre Culturel Francais, Salemba – Jakarta Basically, photography is considered as an… Continue reading

  • Youth Of Today

    Youth Of Today

    Artist Residency Dessy Sahara Angelina, Margareta aka Rere, Reska Andini, Made Primaswari, Anastasia Desi, Yuli Andari, Amriana July 6 – August 13, 2004 Youth of Today was an artist residency program, which was participated by seven young ladies from different backgrounds.… Continue reading

  • Photo courtesy of Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA)

    Keren Dan Beken

    7th Jogja Biennale 2003 “Countrybution” Karya “Keren dan Beken” ini diadopsi dari praktik fotografi populer yang lazim ditemui di Indonesia, dan mungkin selama ini dianggap sebagai “fotografi rendah”. Secara khusus, karya yang dipresentasikan dalam Biennale Yogyakarta VII 2003 “Countrybution” ini… Continue reading