Presentasi Dito Yuwono & Mira Asriningtyas


At the beginning of June, Dito Yuwono (b. 1985, young photographer from MES 56 collective) and Mira Asriningtyas (b. 1986, girl behind LIR – a curiosity shop, reading room, alternative art space, and resto) went to Manila for a research/ residency program at 98B COLLABoratory for two weeks. 98B is an artist-initiative space located in an old (abandoned) shopping area in Manila. During their stay, they had a talk, workshop, and some projects. Dito continued his long term notable project Have We Met?, in which he documented the faces of the community in Manila. He is interested in documenting how the relationship between the viewer and the subject changes in this new context. For him, Manila fits in the Have We Met? project concept because of its social diversity. This process of face documentation has been more than documentation of faces but also a documentation of the citizen in certain space, time, and also documenting the history of a certain area through its people. While Mira, who calls herself a collector of the unseen and describes herself as a story teller, made a project which she had started for her self-published magazine Huff in 2010: The Dream Collector, and initiated book making workshop and exhibition.