Eko Bhirowo

  • Poster_OPEN-NEW-SPACE_Ruang-MES-56

    Peresmian Rumah Baru & Pameran “Kontrak & Transaksi Lainnya”

    New house launching and exhibition Continue reading

  • beautycontest

    Beauty Contest

    Ruang MES 56’s photography project for Creative Exchange program with Insomnium, Malang. What is such a thing which mostly could describe the human anxiety toward death and imperfectness? Of course the Beauty Contest. In this kind of contest, people would… Continue reading

  • Poster-DEDIDORES

    Dedi Dores

    Photography Exhibition Ruang MES 56 Opening February 28, 2002 Angki Purbandono, Wimo A Bayang, Eko Bhirowo, Handoyo Susetia, Luluk Purwastya, Sahlul Fahmi, Sudarman, Iskandar The prime exhibition of Ruang MES 56 and the starting point of contemporary photography establishment in… Continue reading