Anang Saptoto

  • Poster_OPEN-NEW-SPACE_Ruang-MES-56

    Peresmian Rumah Baru & Pameran “Kontrak & Transaksi Lainnya”

    New house launching and exhibition Continue reading

  • Ping Pong Education System

    Legal Artist Series #2: Pingpong Education System

    Ada instalasi separuh meja ping-pong dengan seorang pemainnya menghadap tembok yang disorot animasi foto melalui proyektor ditambah instalasi 20 buku dengan ukuran sangat kecil, yang berisikan foto-foto Menteri Pendidikan dari era Sukarno sampai kabinet Indonesia Bersatu. Buku-buku tersebut menjadi lebih… Continue reading

  • Agung Nugroho Widhi - Train Watchers

    The City Oneminutes

    Video Screening and Workshop Presentation From the 6th to 20th of March 2009 The One Minutes, in collaboration with Ruang MES 56 and Video Battle held The City Oneminutes video workshop about the city of Yogyakarta in exactly 1 minute duration, facilitated by Olivia Glebbeek and Evelien… Continue reading

  • Here Come The Lomoheads

    Here Come The Lomoheads

    Guest Star: Efek Rumah Kaca feat. Airport Radio Exhibition: May 26 – June 9, 2008 What the hell is Lomoheads? Lomoheads is a group of artists who usually use video and/or professional photography equipment/media, both in digital and analog mode, to… Continue reading

  • beautycontest

    Beauty Contest

    Ruang MES 56’s photography project for Creative Exchange program with Insomnium, Malang. What is such a thing which mostly could describe the human anxiety toward death and imperfectness? Of course the Beauty Contest. In this kind of contest, people would… Continue reading